Unique statement tiles

As always, the design landscape mirrors cultural transformations, from the monumental to the subtle. In Italtile’s 2024 Design Trends List, the company highlights groundbreaking and imaginative design features crafted to embody individual artistry and self-expression. Amidst this captivating wave of creativity, Italtile has pinpointed unique tiles: bold and distinctive surface coverings that effortlessly command attention.

Melanie Ewing, CEO of Chapters Design and one of Italtile’ all-time favourite trend spotter and interior design maven, says we can expect oversized, large-scale tiles with a high tactile quality, alongside unique, handmade décor tiles. She’s also seeing the rapid emergence of dramatic patterns and new compositions. Expect the unexpected, she says: all adding a sense of grandeur and fascinating personality to spaces. All this artistry, of course, has been made possible by some pretty astonishing technology, underpinned by sustainable credentials. Before these porcelain paragons burst onto the world scene, they made their debut at Cersaie in 2023.

Cersaie remains the ultimate destination to explore the crème de la crème of the tile world. It’s a realm of premieres, where leading tile brands reveal their frontrunners. In 2023, observers witnessed the emergence of surfaces that left them in awe: elevated surfaces adorned with geometric patterns and textures, intricate detailing, and extraordinary glazes that create the illusion of added depth. Pioneering 4D printing technology has ushered in a new era, enabling the creation of the most extraordinary surface effects. Tile formats have evolved from L and XL into the realms of megalithic and monolithic – mighty slabs that redefine possibilities.

Supersize tiles

The trend of large-format tiles continues to grow, with sizes becoming ever more grandiose. These large tiles offer a sleek, seamless look that is perfect for modern aesthetics. The reduced grout lines not only contribute to a clean visual but also mean less maintenance.

Once upon a time, ‘large format’ described a 600 x 600 tile. Then, it evolved to encompass a 750 x 750 format. Not long after, technological advancements propelled us several steps forward, introducing a new generation of tile formats known as XL: 1200 x 1200 and larger. And then, almost in the blink of an eye, the slab was born. These are absolute giants, boasting sizes of up to 1.6 x 3.2 meters (currently the world’s largest manmade tile). Prepare to be amazed. Italtile can push boundaries with its expansive 1200 x 1800 Impulse Ice and simply colossal 1200 x 2400 Madagascar Blue.

Statement-making patterns

Wallpaper print vibes are enjoying a marvellous moment, courtesy of advancements in digital printing technology. Think hyper-realistic prints that replicate natural and man-made materials, from wood to fabric, boasting high-definition details and an ever-expanding variety of designs. These standout statement-makers are all about making a splash and will effortlessly help you create head-turning accent walls and show-stopping splashbacks. If you’re in search of a touch of biophillic design, don’t miss Italtile’s new nature-inspired Wallpaper Recycled Glass Mosaics.

3D textures and mixed finishes

3D textures and mixed finishes add touchability and light play to interiors, breathing life into floors and walls. Italtile’s limited edition Embossed Tiles feature ridges, ripples, and waves, all perfectly on-trend, evoking an artisanal, handmade aesthetic. Explore Italtile’s captivating Micro Nimbus Enviro-Glass Spheres for a delightful combination of matte and gloss with a touchy-feely bubble texture. For a truly remarkable understanding of the liquid depth created by lush glaze, take a peek at the House Renzi residential project. There, Italtile’s Vogue Esmeralda Subways, dripping with verdant colour and generous glazing, elevate accent walls to standout status.



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