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Written by Karien Slabbert

We spend a lot of our day in the kitchen. So whether it’s cooking up a storm, enjoying dinner with family or entertaining, we all want our kitchens to look stylish and elegant. Here are seven exciting kitchen design trends to embrace.

Designer style

According to Stephanie Forbes of The Kitchen Specialists Association, kitchen spaces are designed to be more multi-functional and adaptable than before. “There seemed to be a real understanding that the kitchen was no longer just a functional room, but an integrated part of the home,” she notes.

1 The ‘me’ factor: As with most spaces in the home, there’s a focus on bespoke individual designs. Integrated appliances and appliances with variable décor panels are hot on the international radar, says Forbes.


2 Finishing acts: “From an aesthetics perspective, there is a definitive move from light to dark, and from high-gloss to ultra-matte,” says Forbes.


3 Organic interest: According to Forbes, “Organic, tactile and raw elements like steel and oxidised metals, wood and marble are becoming increasingly popular.”

Marble or marble-effect surfacing and cladding is especially trendy. “The slimmer lines of ultra-matte laminates like Fenix, sintered stone or porcelain surfacing materials create an equally ultra-modern look,” says Forbes.


4 Mix it up: While combining surfacing materials remains popular, expect a change in the look and feel. Dark timber, in combination with a changing colour palette of dark matte shades of grey and blue, shows a subtle move away from the Scandinavian-inspired light gloss look, says Forbes.


Trend alert: In the past, dark cupboards were offset with lighter countertops. But internationally, dark is often combined with dark.

5 Through the looking glass: Whether smoky or high-gloss, glass offers a touch of class to any design. According to Vinesh Maharaj of The Kitchen Studio, “Glass doors offer a flawless gloss finish. While there are many alternative high-gloss kitchen finishes, the quality and perfection of glass is unparalleled.” He adds that glass doors withstand scratches and sunlight with greater resistance than alternative high-gloss finishes like acrylics, crystal and painted doors.

The Kitchen Studio

Form and function

The secret to creating the perfect kitchen is in finding elements that slot together seamlessly, while reflecting your personality. “When choosing hardware – it’s important to take the time to plan – it may be a micro element of the kitchen, but it will have a macro impact on the final finish,” says Arnold Jardim, managing director of Dezign A Door.

6 New-age taps and sinks: Every kitchen has its own personality and your taps and sinks need to reflect this look and feel. Large sinks in a concrete-grey finish are the ideal counterpart to modern, streamlined kitchens.


Featuring a stainless-steel finish, the sleek and practical S71 370/370 sink by Hansgrohe is the ideal addition to a chrome countertop. The double sink allows for the classic wash-and-rinse methodology. The Decor 280 is the tap of choice for this style.


TIP: Taps with a pull-out a spray option is a functional addition to any kitchen. Also look out for state-of-the-art technology that saves water, energy, money and the environment every time you turn the faucet!

7 Can you handle it? “Brass appears to be the stand-out metal for 2019 giving a luxurious finish to cabinets. Pair them with brass taps so that you carry the look throughout the kitchen,” says Jardim.

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