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Written by Lisa Witepski

Thinking of reupholstering your couches this season? Or perhaps you’re simply looking for some inspiration for throws, linen and tableware. Here’s your guide to the latest in textiles.

Tessa Sonik of Tessa Sonik Fabrics advises that today’s preference is for clutter-free, peaceful environments. “Make your big softs, like curtains and couches, neutral; then create pops of colour with, for example, a bright armchair or ottoman cushions. I also like to introduce a raw, craft element in a space,” says Sonik.

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Megan Morgan, furniture buyer for Coricraft, says that with ultraviolet named Pantone’s colour of the year, we can look forward to seeing a lot of purple. This means that plush materials, especially velvet, will be in vogue, as the colour works well with these fabrics.

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Cream is also making a big comeback for 2018, according to Sonik. Greys are being replaced by natural tones, and pastels – especially soft, chalky colours like blues, beiges and pinks – are taking over from neutrals. Other key colour trends include combinations of blue and yellow, while green (more military or khaki than chartreuse) is also big. Look out, too, for colours that draw inspiration from natural materials like leather, cotton and wood.

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Stripes are still having a moment, probably because home owners are enjoying the relaxed casual vibe they help to create. This makes them an especially good choice for outdoor areas or pieces that are used during warmer months. Check, or mock check, is also a popular choice. Alternatively, add a touch of whimsy. Sonik suggests animals posing with humans or small, pretty motifs, reminiscent of shweshwe. Nature graphics and giant florals are still on trend, but you can also opt for the “accidental design” look that makes use of splashes and spots and stains, often in watercolours.

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Don’t shy away from mixing textures: create interest by contrasting smooth and textured fabrics, or shiny with matte.

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Take note!

“Home textiles in 2018 are more original, featuring artisanal designs that are more vibrant than before,” says Felicity Ellis of Cottonberry. “Neutral basics will be peppered with more colour and personality.”

Look out for tribal influences. Ellis notes that decor is borrowing from several cultures, including Mexico, India and Japan. Africa hasn’t been left out, with designs becoming more quirky and colourful: “Think Ardmore, or Gucci’s latest animal velvet cushions.” On the other hand, the love affair with pared-down Scandi style continues, but it’s becoming bolder.


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