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Written by Shereen Lurie

Update your living spaces with these eye-catching planters.

Hertex HAUS

“HAUS’ handmade terracotta Earth Couture vase collection is ideal for both traditional and contemporary décor. The classic vessels feature organic tones and rustic texture, adding warmth and authenticity to a home. They are best used as stand-alone accents to bring shape and form to a space.” – Olivia Jordaan, homeware buyer at Hertex HAUS

Hertex HAUS Coco Planter in Smokey Earth
Hertex HAUS Grace Planter in Ivory Plaster

Florastyle (sole importer of Japi planters in South Africa)

“Japi planters are durable yet conveniently lightweight, making them easy to carry upstairs with no fear of chipping or cracking. Florastyle offers a large range of modern-styled planters with attractive finishes in colours relevant to current design trends. Made from Polyresin with UV protection, Japi planters come with a 10-year factory warranty.” – Julie Scragg, owner of Florastyle

Japi Bios Planters
Jap Sagnelli Planters


“Elevate the aesthetic of your living spaces by introducing the modern allure of metal planters. Select sleek, geometric designs or rustic, industrial finishes that resonate with your style. These planters not only serve as striking focal points but also infuse a contemporary edge into your indoor or patio spaces. Pair them with lush greenery or vibrant blooms to create a harmonious blend of nature and industrial chic, transforming your living areas into inviting, on-trend retreats.” – Cheryl du Preez, visual merchandising coordinator at Cielo

Koa Vase
Sena Planters


“Capi Pots have the appearance of ceramic and heaviness, yet they are crafted from recycled plastic! With a lightweight design, they are easy to relocate and perfect for use outdoors, indoors, or on your patio.” – Jolandie Malan, general manager of Plantland Garden Centre

Lifestyle Home Garden

“Indigo Glazed Pots come in Misty Black and Misty Green colours. These pots come in three sizes: Small (20cm diameter x 18cm), Medium (28cm diameter x 24cm), and Large (37cm diameter x 31cm).” – Christine Nikel for Lifestyle Home Garden

“Berlin Glazed Pots come in in white, green (pictured), and blue (not pictured) colours. These pots are available in three sizes: Small (29cm diameter x 27cm), Medium (40cm diameter x 37cm), and Large (50cm diameter x 49cm).” – Christine Nikel for Lifestyle Home Garden

KARE Johannesburg

“Jeffrey Planter is one-of-a-kind. It’s a cool decorative piece crafted from fibreglass and set on a base covered in gold foil. The original design turns the head into a perfect spot for your favourite flowering or evergreen houseplants.” – Johann De Waal, marketing manager of KARE Johannesburg

“The floor vase Jungle Black is made of resin and adorned with unique decorative details. This large pot offers an excellent opportunity to add a touch of texture and visual allure to your living space.” – Johann De Waal, marketing manager of KARE Johannesburg


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