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SA Home Owner’s Home and Décor Trends Special Edition 2024

Written by Shereen Lurie

Get ready to immerse yourself in the pages of our annual trends guide! The 132-page SA Home Owner Home and Décor Trends Special Edition 2024 is a treasure trove of sophisticated insights and innovative ideas to revitalise your living space.

Gridline. Photography by MMP – Architectural & Interior Photography

From exploring vibrant colour palettes to integrating cutting-edge technology, reimagining furniture layouts, and delving into an array of other exciting concepts, this edition is a comprehensive guide designed to inspire your home transformation journey. It’s a must-read for anyone seeking the latest trends and inventive approaches to elevate their home’s aesthetic and functionality.

Design Plus Interior Concepts

Included in the magazine:

  • Three captivating properties, each promising to enchant your senses.
  • Shereen Lurie speaks to three local design creatives – page 24.
  • Trisha Harinath explains how the kitchen of 2024 will offer not just a culinary experience; it will be a sensory delight – page 68.
  • Discover 2024 lighting trends – page 110.
  • Shereen Lurie shares the latest bathroom trends – page 80.
  • Colour specialists delve into the kaleidescope of 2024’s palette – page 102.

The SA Home Owner Home and Décor Trends Special Edition 20224 retails for R29.90 at leading retail outlets nationwide.

Featured image: Stiles. Photography, MMP – Architectural & Interior Photography


Shereen Lurie

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