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Top featured homes of 2023

Written by Shereen Lurie

We’ve compiled a collection of the most popular homes showcased online in 2023. These are the residences that received the highest views on the SA Home Owner website last year. Enjoy exploring!

1. Best of Both Worlds

This generous family home, set within an estate and surrounded by farmland, is a bold departure from the owner’s previous home. With so much emphasis on the natural surroundings – there are lucerne fields in the back garden – it was decided to opt for a contemporary design with sleek, clean lines. 

Image: Nic Baleta

2. Designer Details

With expansive sea and golf course views as well as the dense natural vegetation surrounding the site, this home was designed and built to offer its residents a relaxed holiday feel.

Situated on the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal, the property affords its residents a delightful lifestyle within spaces that are trendy and pleasing to the eye wherever one looks.

Image: Stephen Rowley

3. Sublimely Serene

Designed in a U-shape with the kitchen as the heart of the home connecting the indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, this residence radiates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in every room. “We wanted to create an open-plan family home that engaged the interior with the exterior while at the same time optimising the northern sunlight,” says the owner.

And by working with a dedicated team of service providers, the owner’s dream ideas were brought to life in a stylish and timeless way. 

Image: Keith Quixley

4. Luxe Minimalism

Looking for space and light where there would be a lot of entertainment space, a family haven, a gym and a work area, led this young family to design their home exactly the way they wanted it. “We lived in our previous property for 10 years and, now that there are five of us, we outgrew it,” say the home owners. 

Image: Nic Baleta

5. A Feast For Your Eyes

When it comes to things that appease the eyes, these residents are spoilt for choice throughout this property. From the marvellous modern interiors and the striking sculptures and artwork to the picture-perfect ocean views, this home has it all and then some.

The home owner explains that the inspiration for the property came from wanting a natural feel that combines indoor/outdoor living. “We wanted a home where we could entertain easily with a view of the ocean and a downstairs open-plan area leading onto the patio, the pool and boma.”

Image: Stephen Rowley

6. The Essence of Elegance

Standing at the threshold of this property, you immediately know that what waits beyond is bound to wow, dazzle and delight you. Soulful finishes and joyful detailing come together to create a home where relaxation, socialisation, work and play happen seamlessly and in style.

Image: Nic Baleta

7. Spaces To Call Home

This expansive home in one of Johannesburg’s most sought-after suburbs offers space, security, and stunning views. Set on a sizeable stand, which allows for ample garden space, it has been designed as an arrangement of “monoblocks” that designate spatial zones throughout the home. 

Image: Franz Rabe

8. The Sea And Beyond

When this family moved to Durban to finally get their home by the sea, they wanted a simple elegant property that offered low maintenance. Working closely with the architect and all the service providers, a home that caters to all these residents’ needs was delivered.

Standing tall at three storeys, the residence is a modern marvel and architecturally on point. Due to its design, the property offers an unparalleled and picturesque view of the ocean. 

Image: Grant Pitcher


Shereen Lurie

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